Friday, August 10, 2012

Observe Some Precautions and Avoid PST File Corruption

Despite your best efforts to safeguard your precious Outlook emails and other mailbox data, many times, you encounter issues in which, your Outlook data file (.PST file) gets corrupt. Since, corruption of Outlook PST file causes inaccessibility of data, thus at such situation PST repair tool remains the only way to do the needful. To repair your corrupt PST file, Outlook provides Inbox Repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe, but this tool repairs minor corruptions of PST files. However, in various cases of severe corruption of Outlook PST file, this tool becomes unable to do the needful. At such situation, using efficient third-party Outlook PST repair does the needful. Therefore, to avoid all such situations in which you lose your precious Outlook data, it is always advised to follow certain precautions.

Precautions to Avoid PST File Corruption:

Avoid Exceeding Size of your Outlook PST File:  Since oversized PST is one of the biggest reasons responsible for PST corruption, it is wise decision to delete all unwanted emails and other Outlook items completely from your Outlook mailbox on regular basis.

Use Efficient Anti-virus Software :
Many times virus infection corrupts your PST file, therefore, it is recommended to avoid virus attack on your system by using updated anti-virus software.

Manage Sudden Power-cuts and Voltage Fluctuations: If you are using desktop computer, then you should use an UPS to avoid sudden power cuts and voltage fluctuations. Since, sudden fluctuation in power and unexpected power cuts abruptly end the ongoing process of Outlook and thus corrupt PST file, therefore managing power is recommended.

Always Quit Outlook Properly: It is advised to quite Outlook properly as improper shut down of Outlook corrupts PST file and causes PST corruption.

Maintain Backup of Important Outlook Mailbox Items:
It is always recommended to maintain the backup of all your crucial Outlook data. Keeping the copy of your crucial Outlook data helps a lot in devastating situations of complete loss of your precious data.

Following aforementioned precautions salvage PST file corruption to an extent. However, at times PST file gets corrupt and all your data saved on it becomes inaccessible. At such situation, using reliable third-party PST repair software is recommended.

An efficient and risk free Outlook PST repair tool is Stellar Phoenix PST Recovery Software. This software has simple intuitive user interface to repair corrupt Outlook PST files. The software very efficiently restores various Outlook objects and enables selective recovery of Outlook folders. With all these features, this software enables you to see detailed preview of all the contents of recoverable emails.