Friday, February 8, 2013

Things to do when ‘archive.pst could not be accessed’ error occurs in Outlook

Small corruption in PST file does not halt your overall Outlook, but it may cause issues in performing various regular Outlook activities such as small halt in send and receive process. However, sometimes, the frequency of these halts gets increased and the situation gets worse as you encounter an error message that prevents you to perform basic Outlook operations. Since these symptoms are clear indication of corruption in PST file, thus using Outlook’s Inbox Repair Tool is the best method to repair your PST file. But, if this default tool of Outlook fails to do any needful, then use of an efficient Outlook PST repair software is recommended.

Let us take a practical example to understand this situation. Suppose, you want to move some emails from your Inbox to archive folder in your Outlook 2003 mailbox and for this you are dragging all the selected emails from source to destination folder. However, this dragging process halts in between as you encounter the following error message:

“archive.pst could not be accessed”

This error message occurs when your archive.pst file gets corrupt. The corruption in this PST file could occur due to many reasons ranging from oversized PST, abrupt exit from Outlook, virus infection on the storage media, and many more. However, in order to overcome such situation, you first of all must check the size of your PST file, if it’s not more than or equal to the predefined PST size of this version, then you must use Inbox Repair tool to repair your PST file.

Inbox Repair Tool is basically an executable file that has name as Scanpst.exe, which checks the selected PST file for errors and rectifies them, if you select the option for the same. However, there are chances when this inbuilt utility of Outlook fails to do any needful for you. In such situations, use of an efficient Outlook PST repair software is recommended.

Reliable Outlook PST repair tool repairs your file despite the reason or kind of PST corruption. Moreover, robust tool restores all the PST file data including emails, contacts, notes, etc. With the help of an effective PST repair software, you can search for specific emails from the list of recoverable email items. These tools also let you repair the PST file that is larger than 2GB and perform recovery of encrypted Outlook PST file. Hence, after the recovery of your PST file, you can save it at the location of your choice.