Thursday, June 21, 2012

Troubleshoot “Errors have been detected in the file xxxx.pst.” with Outlook PST Recovery tool

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I was aware of the fact that there is a size limit for Outlook PST files and exceeding that limit can corrupt the PST file. However, due to ignorance or more precisely I can say due to carelessness, I was bypassing this fact. This constant carelessness of mine even after Outlook started lowering down its performance made me pray of PST corruption. However, I used Outlook’s Inbox Repair Tool but that didn’t resolve my issue and at that situation, I was left with nothing but to use third-party Outlook Recovery software. However, I am very thankful to this PST recovery tool as by this tool I got back my precious emails, contacts, email attachments, and other Outlook data saved on my PST file.

Let me narrate the entire episode in detail, for past few days I was experiencing that my Outlook was behaving little sluggish and the problem was increasing day by day. However, due to my busy routine and due to carelessness to some extent, I was ignoring the issue. The situation became problematic when I encountered the following error message:

“Errors have been detected in the file xxxx.pst. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.”
Where xxxx.pst is the name of the PST file to be loaded.

Instantly after this error, I understood that main reason for the same is oversized PST file. However, the situation became troublesome when Outlook inbuilt tool that is Inbox Repair tool became unable to do any needful. At that situation, worried, I started searching over the Internet for some other resolution by which I can perform Outlook repair.

Therefore, my intense search for the same lead me to Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Recovery Software. To analyze this software, I initially downloaded its free demo version, which provided the preview of all recoverable Outlook PST items. Getting fully satisfied by the demo version, I purchased the license of this software, repaired my corrupt PST file, and restored entire Outlook PST data. Mentioned below are reasons, which fascinated me to opt for this software out of a long list of third-party PST repair tools:
  • Simple intuitive user interface.
  • Repairs and restores various Outlook objects despite any reason of corruption.
  • The software enables selective recovery of Outlook folders as well as allows searching emails from the list of recoverable items.
  • Last but not the least compatibility and support of the software with my Windows XP system having MS Outlook 2002.

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