Friday, July 6, 2012

Take quick backup of Outlook with mail backup software

My boss once told me that maintaining backup of all your precious data is a good habit. Since then backing up my precious files and folders has involved in my daily work routine. However, another day while working, I suddenly realized that I have stored so many emails, contacts, notes, etc in my Outlook 2002 mailbox. Moreover, I was also aware of the fact that larger the size of Outlook PST files more is the chances of its corruption. Therefore, to avoid PST corruption, I initially tried to take manual backup of Outlook PST files but since the size of my PST files was very large so that process was taking too much time. As well as during backup I could not shut-down my system. Therefore, to take quick backup of Outlook PST files, I started searching over the Internet for some third-party mail backup tool.

Backup your Outlook mails
In my search, I found a good number of tools for taking backup of my Outlook mailbox. Going through various blogs, sites, forums, etc I got to know that Stellar Mail Backup is one of the best tools for the same. However, to evaluate the software, I initially downloaded its free demo version. The demo version was for 15 days trial however by which I understood that it is one of the worth to have tools and thus purchased its license. The features of the software which made me to purchase it are:

Self explanatory user interface which does not require any prior training of the software or need to have any kind of technical knowledge.
  • The software enables you to protect the backup file with password.
  • Feature to backup multiple email profiles configured in your system.
  • Selective restoration of emails.
  •  Option to backup mails at your desired location or to any secondary storage device like USB drive. 
  • Another feature of the software is to schedule email backup process at your desired frequency and time.
  • The software takes backups of specified value of consolidation and keeps them as one backup.
  • The software not only supports maintaining backup of MS Outlook but it also supports maintaining backup of other email clients such as MS Outlook Express and Windows Mail. 

So, if you are also the one who wants a quick and efficient way to maintain the backup of all your Outlook items such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries, tasks, journals, etc then this is the best tool.