Monday, July 2, 2012

Get most out of an Outlook PST repair tool to fix MS Outlook issues

None of the software is free from errors. Every software has its pros and cons, same is the case with Microsoft Outlook users. At one part this email applications provides you a number of features for which you will love to use it. But on the other side several times you will have to face different scenarios which can frustrate you and can show you a number of errors. Most of these errors are related to the Outlook PST file like not able to access Outlook, Outlook is not responding, .pst file not found and other error codes. Ultimately, it is required to get rid of these errors by applying correct steps or with a suitable Outlook PST repair tool.

So as a Microsoft Outlook user, you should be aware of its configuration, settings and other factors which can affect the day to day working of Outlook. In this regard, knowing the structure and all the details such as size, location and necessary steps to repair and recover the PST file in case of any damage should be cautiously considered by the user.

What to do when Outlook does not work ?

If you are a technically sound person then it will be somehow a little bit easier for you to handle your Outlook to fix minor issues. By considering the Outlook help manual and troubleshooting tips you can resolve many of the problems. However, when an issue occurs which indicates that something is wrong with one of the important data file of Outlook i.e. the Personal Storage Table (PST) then it becomes required to take appropriate action to avoid any data loss.

Basically the corruption and damage of Outlook PST file is the most common thing which Outlook users face. Several error messages and codes indicates the issue in .pst file like .pst file is in use by another application, outlook.pst file can not be accessed and more. As mentioned above, to overcome all the troubles related to the .pst file, it is better to know about its size limitations, structure and where the file is stored, so that the steps which are required to perform the PST repair process can be done easily.

Actions or steps to repair corrupt PST file :

To repair corrupt PST file for recovering all the Outlook data follow the below described steps:

1.Use Scanpst.exe utility to scan and repair the file. It is a default utility which is already available with Outlook.
2.Use the backup of Outlook .pst file (if available) in case the .pst file can no longer be used.
3.Create a new profile and import and export the data from Outlook backup file as sometimes Outlook shows error when the profile gets corrupted.
4.Most importantly, if none of the above method worked for you then an expert PST repair tool for Outlook will provide you all the features which will help you to access Outlook with all its data.

Such a tool which enables you to repair the corrupt PST file entirely is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool. It is a tool which is enriched with special functionality to recover all the data of Outlook without making any changes to the original file. The free trial version of the software allows you to preview the emails which can be recovered with the software. It is compatible with Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and works with all Windows platforms.