Friday, April 6, 2012

Access Outlook emails with PST Recovery software

Inaccessibility of Microsoft Outlook due to the corruption of .pst file is one of the issue which a Outlook user have to face often. It impedes the normal working of Outlook and may cause several performance related issues. All the objects of Outlook like emails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar etc. are important for its user, so it is essential to save these objects from any type of damage. However, in worst cases, when the .pst file gets damaged then to regain access to all these objects, it is necessary to find out the ways through which PST recovery could be possible.

One thing which one should always keep in mind to avoid the the situation of corruption is to keep a check on the size of the .pst file, as most of the issues arise due the PST file size.

Outlook .pst file has a specific size limit as per different Outlook versions. If the size reached beyond the specified limit then .pst file can be corrupted. Thus it is essential to reduce the size of file with a variety of methods like Archive .pst file, Delete unnecessary emails, Compact PST file and Split .pst file.

Each of these method works differently; as in Archive operation you can move your old or rarely used emails or other objects into separate location. Apart from this, you can create some empty space by removing unwanted emails from your mailbox. With 'Compact Now' option in Outlook settings you can easily compact or compress the PST file and can utilize the free space. However, split .pst file works differently and in this method you will split or divide the large .pst file into small .pst files to work in a more comfortable manner.

Use of these method require utmost care as if any step gets missed then it can create issues within your Outlook application. It is always said that prevention is better than cure, but in reality usually we have to face the worst situations multiple times. Same is applied with the Outlook Data file(.pst) as corruption leads to many issues with the performance of Outlook. So once the .pst file gets damaged and becomes inaccessible then it shows that its time for recovery of Outlook PST file with appropriate repair tool.

As a tool Inbox repair tool may help but if the corruption is severe then even Inbox repair tool fails and does not repair .pst file. In such type of circumstances, the alternative option which one can take to get their precious emails is to go for a tool which can assure complete recovery of PST file and all its objects in a secure manner. In this series, Stellar Outlook PST Recovery tool allows to repair and recover even badly corrupted PST file and provide all the data back to your mailbox instantly. Also works efficiently with latest versions like Outlook 2010, 2007, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

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