Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things to remember while choosing a Mail backup software

An email client is an application which allows us to read and send emails through our email account by connecting it to the mail server. Two of the most commonly used email client applications are MS Outlook and Outlook Express. The best feature of these two email clients is that they store our emails and address book in some folder on local hard drive of our computer. Since, most of us are unaware of this fact thus we never create the backup of these locally stored emails and address book and thus, once our hard disk fails, we have to bear the precious emails loss. However, to avoid such situation, we have to maintain the backup of all our precious mails. To do this job efficiently we have to opt for third-party mail backup software.

Since, corruption of the hard disk of Windows operating system based computer due to virus infection, operating system malfunction, file system corruption is very common thus most of us maintain the backup of all our precious data. But, very few of us take the backup of our emails due to the unawareness of the fact that they are saved on local hard disk. However, once you understand this fact then you can even create the backup of the emails manually. But, to locate MS Outlook or Outlook Express file in your computer is little complicated especially in a Windows based computer which has a lot of files and folders.

Thus, at this situation opting for reliable third-party mail backup utility is recommended. If you will search over the Internet, you will get to know that a lot of utilities for this category are available. However, selecting right tool to backup emails is very much required. To select the most apt utility for this category we have to keep some points in our mind:

  • The software should be compatible with your computer.
  • The software should be capable enough to maintain the backup of multiple mail profiles configured in your email client.
  • The software should have simple and understandable user interface.
  • The software should have functionality to schedule email backup.
  • The software should have the feature to protect the backup file with password.
  • The software should also give you the feature to perform complete restoration or restoration of specified emails.

One such mail backup software which fulfills the above mentioned requirements and is enriched with various other advance features is Stellar Mail Backup. This software is designed for Outlook Express and MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2002, and Windows Mail.

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