Friday, March 16, 2012

Outlook tools to resolve PST corruption and advanced third-party software

Sometimes, you get a confusing or weird error on your screen while trying to open MS Outlook. A few errors may also crop up when you try to access some mail folders or move data from one folder to another. This usually occurs in the event of PST file corruption. There are myriad factors responsible for this erratic or uncanny behavior of your personal folders (PST) file. A PST file becomes logically corrupt in the event of a virus infection, software error, or abnormal shutdown of the system. In yet other cases, if the file exceeds the maximum size limit defined by the corresponding MS Outlook version, it becomes vulnerable to corruption. In such circumstances, you may lose all your precious mail items and other data in the Outlook PST. In order to easily overcome this problem, you need to go for PST recovery though an efficient third-party tool.

PST corruption is a common occurrence that can affect both the naive and advanced Outlook users. You may receive a nasty error even after upgrading from Windows NT to Windows XP and trying to access your PST. The issue can be easily resolved by backing up all your PST files before performing the upgrade and later, use the backup to restore the files in Windows XP. Another alternative could be to rename the PST files and give them their original names immediately after finishing with the upgrade.

There are two immensely useful tools that help you smoothly handle all cases of PST file corruption:

Inbox Repair tool:
This tool has a safe approach to Outlook PST recovery. It repairs the file header and deletes every mail item that appears to be invalid. So, the utility works fine in case of header corruption. However, it may possibly remove data from your file if the content of the file is corrupt.

Oversized PST And OST Crop Utility:
The most frequent case of corruption is the oversized Outlook PST file. You should first use this utility and then run the Inbox Repair tool. It deletes a few MB of data from the file to get the file back in working state. You should be careful while using this tool, as it may cause data loss.

The easiest workaround to fix PST corruption and perform Outlook recovery is to use professional third-party software. These software carry out a comprehensive scan of your damaged file to safely restore all invaluable PST components, including emails, appointments, contacts, notes, tasks, etc.

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