Monday, June 20, 2011

How to move Outlook .pst file from one computer to another computer?

You may need to transfer or move your Outlook data or .pst file in case you have bought a new computer or just want to use a different system other than the one on which you are working currently or for some other reason. However, Synchronization and sharing of .pst file between one and other computer cannot be done automatically. So to transfer the Outlook data file or .pst file from one computer to another require certain steps to be followed which are explained as below.
  • Create a backup of your .pst file -

1.Go to StartRun → type control panel in the box and press enter.

2.In control panel double click on MailShow Profiles → Choose Profile → click Properties

3.Click Data Files → Click Personal Folder Service under name that you need to backup.

4.Go to Settings and note the name and path of file. In case .pst file is very large you can compact it from SettingsCompact Now.

5.Exit from all Properties windows and open My Computer or Windows explorer. Copy the file from the path which you have noted in step 4. You can copy the file to any storage device like pen drive, portable hard disk, CD ROM etc and then copy this file to another computer.

You can also make a secondary .pst file for transferring Outlook data to the other computer. You need to save the required data in this file with following steps -

1.Go To File Menu → New → click Outlook Data File.

2.Enter a new name for new .pst file like abc.pst and click OK. Also provide a display name for Personal Folder file and click Ok.

3.Exit Outlook.

  • Import .pst file on second computer

Copy the backup .pst file on hard disk of second computer which you have stored on a storage device. Check the Read-Only attribute of the file. If it is marked as checked, make it clear and copy the file again otherwise you may receive an error. Now follow the following steps to import the file.

1.Start Outlook. Go To File menu → Import and Export. Rest the pointer on chevrons at the menu's bottom, if the command is not available and then click Import and Export.

2.Now select Import from another program or file and click next.

3.Select Personal Folder File and click next.

4.Enter the path and name of the .pst file that you need to import and click next. Also select the folder that you need to import. (If you want to import all the data then select the top hierarchy.) Click Finish.

After following above mentioned steps Outlook data or .pst file can be easily transferred from one computer to another computer. During this entire process it is necessary to maintain the back up of .pst file as this file easily gets corrupt. PST back up helps in retrieving the outlook data back in its original form. But if the backup is not maintained for whatsoever reason then it becomes necessary to repair Outlook PST file with a pst file repair tool.

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