Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A comprehensive tool to back up your complete email databases

Information security is the toughest challenge for any organization. Data is shared in a number of ways, i.e. in applications, on websites, via email, etc. This data should be protected from misuse while meeting all the regulations set by numerous entities. The leakage of a single confidential file can cause huge financial loss to you. It can also result in economic and political fallout.

According to the business requirements and criticality of data, companies follow a fixed data monitoring and backup strategy. Backups are the heart and soul of business. They can assure you that the system is well protected and can be restored even in the worst scenarios.

With the advent of email communication and cloud data storage, the integrity and security of data has become a major concern for many. The big enterprises or even the household users heavily depend on different email clients to carry out their day-to-day business activities. A majority of email clients do not provide users with a mail backup system to protect their important emails and other valuable information. If the email provider is down for some reason, you will lose access to all the business critical data. To effectively handle these situations and prevent any data loss catastrophe, you require professional third-party mail backup software.

You can try a relatively easier method to create multiple backup copies of your email database onto an external media. Suppose you are using MS Outlook and have a USB drive plugged into the USB port of your system. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to back up your Outlook data (.pst) file to the USB flash drive:

  • Shut down MS Outlook.
  • Double-click ‘Computer’ folder on your desktop.
  • Now, open the ‘C:’ drive.
  • Try to find the ‘Search’ field and type ‘*.pst’ in the field to locate all the Outlook personal folders files.
  • Select all the found ‘*.pst’ files, right-click, and then select ‘Copy’.
  • Now, paste these files to the USB flash drive.
  • Using the above process, you will be able to create multiple copies of your PST files.

Another easy alternative is to employ a professional mail backup utility to do this job. The third-party mail backup software available in the market are capable of backing up mail accounts configured in a variety of email applications, including Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.

One of the excellent software for creating Outlook mail backup that I recently discovered was provided from Stellar. This tool is a complete solution to safely back up your mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. The phenomenal utility also allows you to schedule backup tasks to run at a specified day and time.

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