Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Resolve “FileName.pst file could not be opened” error in Outlook 2007

As a precautionary measure, one should always take backup of his valuable data. So that if any thing went wrong, backup could be used. In Outlook, backup can be taken by various methods, depending upon the Outlook version and system configuration. It can be taken both manually and automatically.

However sometimes during backup process you may face some issues or error messages. To understand it in detail, let's consider the case in Outlook 2007 and Windows vista. Backup in Outlook 2007 and vista could also be taken with the help of a Backup Status and Configuration utility. It is an automated backup utility in Windows vista for scheduling backup. But sometimes using this utility could be detrimental for you as it can show you the following error message:

“FileName.pst file could not be opened. The file may not be compatible with this version of Outlook or it may be corrupted.”


As stated earlier the basic cause of this .pst file corruption is Backup Status and Configuration utility. Some of the scenarios are mentioned as below.

  • Backup Status and Configuration utility is used to backup Outlook .pst file.
  • For restoration this backup utility is used.
  • Outlook .pst file in an encrypted folder.


To fix this issue, use Microsoft Inbox repair tool which is also known as Scanpst.exe
Follow the steps as described below:

A. Close Outlook 2007

B. Click on Start → Control Panel and click on User Accounts and Family Safety or User Accounts.

C. Click on Mail → Data Files → Personal Folders and click on Settings. Note the text in the Filename box and if you are unable to see it completely then click on the box and press right arrow to see it completely.

D. Click OK and click Close twice. Go to Start and in Search box type
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office12\ and press Enter.

E. Now Double click on Scanpst.exe file and enter the name and path of the file which is to be scanned “as mentioned in step C” in the field. Click on Start button.

F. Once the repair process is finished by Inbox repair tool. Click OK.

You may get the Outlook error resolved by above explained steps. But there are possibilities that due to limitations like 2 GB file size and ability to repair only header part of .pst file, free utility may fail to resolve the error and your PST file still remains corrupted.

To repair and recover corrupt PST file, some 3rd-party tool for PST Recovery can also be used. Such tool should be able to provide recovery from even severe corrupt .pst file. Stellar Outlook PST Recovery tool use advanced algorithms to thoroughly scan the .pst file and recovers each Outlook item safely. It provides features like recovery from selected folders, password protected PST file & advanced scan etc. and works perfectly with Outlook versions like 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

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