Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unresponsive Inbox Repair tool fails to repair Inbox

MS Outlook is used on a daily basis by many of us. All those who use it know that Inbox repair tool is developed to repair corrupt Outlook Inbox. When you do an installation of MS-Outlook in your system, Inbox repair tool gets automatically installed. But if any program file gets corrupt or missing. Inbox repair tool fails to repair the corrupt PST file. For other reasons also, inbuilt tool fails to repair it. Other reasons for PST file corruption are increased size of Outlook PST file and if the Outlook PST file is badly damaged. In such situations, corrupt Outlook Inbox can only be repaired by a third party Outlook Inbox Repair Tool.

To further clarify above issue, let's consider a realistic situation. One day while working with Outlook application, you come to know that your Outlook PST file is corrupt. After knowing about the PST file corruption, when you try to access the Outlook PST file, it fails to open. And, when you try to repair the PST file with the inbuilt Inbox repair tool, the tool hangs. For a period of time, the tool remains unresponsive fails to repair PST file. When you check the status of the process by checking the Windows Task Manager, it does not respond.


Some of the possible causes that are responsible for the occurrence of above error message are as follows:

  • Size of the Outlook PST file is not more than 2 GB.
  • Improper installation of Scanpst.exe tool.
  • Outlook PST file is badly damaged.


To solve above behavior or to repair Outlook Inbox, try out the following measures:

  • If the Outlook PST file is more than 2 GB, then it is advised to truncate the size of the PST file with the help of a 2 GB truncation utility. But this tool results in heavy data loss.
  • Re-installation of Outlook will also be a favorable solution.

If the problem still persists, then it is better to go for a third party Inbox repair software. Such tools repair Outlook Inbox and makes all the mail-objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, journal, events, calendar-entries accessible. These tools bring all the data back that is lost from any logical corruption. You do not have to be technically strong for using these software. It is good alternative than trying to fix the data when your top most priority is to restore the data back.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair ( pst reparieren ) has a rich-feature oriented tool used to repair Outlook Inbox without affecting the original data. It restores data in a new Outlook PST file that can be easily noticed by a host operating system. The tool restores the RTF and HTML formatting. The demo version of the is also available. For demo version of the tool, Outlook installation is not needed. The tool shows compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4 (SP6).

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