Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Repair Damaged Pst File

Microsoft Outlook provides the Inbox Repair Tool to resolve most troubles with broken Personal Folders. Pst. If you can not see the Outlook Inbox Repair tool in the Start menu under Programs trimmings System Tools. Find Use Start or Start searching for your system Scanpst.exe.

You must distinguish the locality of the file. Pst file that you want to repair. See Outlook and Exchange / Windows Messaging file backup and Dual-Boot For more information about file locations and how to conclude the location of DVT. What you can see in Outlook.

When you run Scanpst.exe it performs several tests. If somehow, come across the errors, it asks if you want to create a backing copy of the unique file always say yes, then try to exact the errors.

If you run a Scanpst.exe cons. Pst Outlook 2003 creates a local copy of Windows Data Recovery events and contact lists, you will get an error message that you can ignore. See You receive an error message when you use the Inbox Repair Tool to Scan a PST file.

For deficiently damaged PST file, attempt running Scandisk.exe (seem in Programs Accessories System software), then Scanpst.exe Repeat 3-4 times until neither program returns an error. We have the technical knowledge to restore the data that the user was certainly lost forever.
And if it does not, you can try our instructions to repair a Personal Folders file of 2 GB of files or folders offline in Microsoft Outlook.

If the file is on an NTFS volume, you can not use Scandisk.exe so simply. One approach, for Windows 2000 is to open the drive in My Computer and use commands in the Tools menu to scan the disc. You may need to restart Windows for the analysis to be performed.

You can use Scanpst.exe not only the PST files, but also on the record offline. Ost. If an OST is broken beyond the ability of Scanpst.exe to fix, you must change the settings for the Exchange Server service (Tools Services) to use a new OST file, and then synchronize with the server.

Another way is to use a hex editor to delete a only byte from the middle of the PST file, then run Scanpst. A hex editor is a tool for editing RAW files, every site shareware Windows has some to decide from. Eugene McCarthy of FAO Headquarters in Rome recommends iHex free editor, which loads only 64kb of file at a instance, production it ideal for tinkering with extremely large PST files. For simple repairs Scanpst Eugene recommends change the first byte of the PST file from hex 21-00.

There is no comparable program for cleaning corrupted Personal Address Book (. Pab). You may be able to view and retrieve data WTP opening the file with a hex editor.

If anyway you are not yet able to recover your corrupted file, you can try PSt Repair Tool to repair Outlook Pst files.

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