Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fix the situation of severe Outlook file corruption with a PST Recovery solution

Outlook PST files are the warehouse of corporate emails containing the most critical organizational data. As nearly thousands of messages are sent and received through these files each day, they continue to grow in size. Unless the company imposes quotas to limit the PST file storage for each user, these files become highly overflowed or oversized. As a result, they start showing erratic behavior on reaching a definite size limit. In such instances, they are very likely to get corrupt and account to data loss. To effectively work around the issue, you should carry out PST recovery using advanced third-party software.

Suppose, you use MS Outlook 2002 and have a PST file that equals to 2.3 GB in size. You face problems while trying to open the file. Sometimes, it opens on the first attempt and you are able to add new data. However, it does not allow moving or deleting any messages. Even if you try to use the Export function, it would simply terminate the application halfway through. You can easily read everything without making any changes to the file.

Also, you have tried creating a new PST and then copying items to this file. But this would not complete before the file actually bombs out. As the PST file contains all your crucial contacts and emails, you need to extract whatever is recoverable and leave out the rest.  

The older ANSI-formatted PST files have a maximum size limit of 2 GB. MS Outlook 2002 and all earlier versions support ANSI format. MS Outlook 2003 and later versions use UNICODE formatted PSTs that have the upper file size limit of approximately 20 GB. Generally, users have troubles working with the ANSI-formatted Outlook files when they exceed the 2 GB size limit. At this stage, these files become susceptible to corruption. To fix the issue, you should truncate the file using the 'Oversized OST and PST Crop' tool and then run the Inbox Repair tool. 

If you still experience problems with the file, you should take help of professional third-party Outlook  PST Recovery tools. These utilities rigorously scan your corrupt PST file to safely recover all the inaccessible mail items, such as emails, contacts, attachments, appointments, calendar entries, etc. They facilitate selective recovery of Outlook folders and also allow you to search for Outlook data files in your system. Moreover, they support all versions of Outlook, including MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010.

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