Friday, December 17, 2010

Repairing of Outlook results in numerous errors

Number of ways are available for a user, who wants to avoid corruption related issues of Outlook PST file. In fact, Outlook itself is capable of repairing PST file that is corrupt. Other than this, Microsoft has developed inbuilt Inbox repair tool to repair file. But due to less number of functionalities, the tool is unable to repair PST file that is corrupted. But many times, it happens that your PST file contains important data that cannot be lost at any cost. In such situations, a third-party Outlook PST repair tool is the best option to repair PST file.

When you start Outlook, you are informed about the repair of the damaged or destroyed PST file that has started automatically by the application through below mentioned error message that appears on the screen as below:

“ Outlook is attempting to repair your mailbox folders.”

It is clear from the error that Outlook is trying to repair the corrupt PST file. But there are times when it fails to repair Outlook PST file.

To handle repair of the file, and to resolve this issue, use the inbuilt Inbox repair tool to repair PST file.

· First, locate the corrupt Outlook PST file and then start using Inbox repair tool.

· Inbox repair tool has a program file named as 'Scanpst.exe'. Search for it. One important thing about this file is that it is a hidden file, so it is necessary to enable hidden files and folders view option.

· After this alone, you should make a search for the affected PST file.

· Once you locate the file, execute the inbuilt Inbox repair tool. When you start this utility it asks for path and name of the corrupt PST file. Make sure that you have given all the correct information related to corrupt Outlook PST file.

· After checking all the details, give command to Inbox repair tool to repair corrupt PST file.

· It is suggested that before using this tool maintain a backup of the corrupt PST file, because while repairing the PST file, chances of data loss are there.

· To repair totally damaged PST file, there may be a need to run Inbox repair tool twice. Execute it according to your requirement. But at times, when the PST file is too badly damaged, then this tool fails to repair your corrupt PST file.

In such situations, it is highly recommended to use third party Outlook PST repair tools. First take a demo of the functioning of this tool, if available. Repair PST file with it, if you find it easy to use. There are various options available on the Internet.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is a highly recommended tool that can be used to repair PST file. Additionally, the tool performs recovery of deleted mails.

This PST repair tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, NT4(SP6), and 2000.

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