Monday, September 27, 2010

Use Outlook PST Repair software to repair corrupt PST file

MS-Outlook is quite user-friendly mail application that stores lots of data in it. Outlook also permits to access other mail-objects, such as contacts, calendar-entries, journals, tasks, and events etc. All the data get safely stored in it. It assigns PST file to store data. PST file accumulates all the data in it and allows the user to access or manage mail components according to their choice. Instead of this, sometimes while performing mail operations in Outlook you fail. Reason for abrupt behavior of MS-Outlook is the corruption of the PST file. When corruption occurs in the PST file overall behavior of the Outlook gets affected. But there is no need to worry. Apply different methods to repair PST file. A third party Outlook PST Repair tool can also be used to corrupt repair PST file.

After executing an inbuilt Inbox repair tool, you become unable to move folders or e-mails to the personal storage file and if you attempt to move folders to a new PST file an error message is received.

“Can’t move the items. Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid.”

Let's see another error example that is received when you try to save a message as a .msg file. An error looks like this:

“Internal MAPI error: An invalid parameter was passed to a MAPI function. Contact your administrator.”

Ground of the issue:

Reason responsible for the occurrence of the above error messages is the corruption of the PST file. Corruption mainly occurs due to unexpected/inappropriate system shutdown, operating system failure, malicious virus, and loss of power supply.


For resolving this issue you need to follow some simple suggestions. These suggestions are discussed below:

· Move messages or folders to a new PST file.

· If you fail to move messages to new PST file, then forward messages in your MS-Outlook application.

· You can also select 'File Save As' option to save Outlook messages. For this, you have to make a new folder, and then import the saved message into the new folder.

However, if above suggestions do not solve the problem, then choose a third party Outlook PST Repair tool. You can download a demo version, if available, of the software to know its features. These tools can smartly repair a corrupt PST file and all the mail-objects then can be easily accessed and managed. These tools are very simple to use and are non-destructive in nature.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair v4.5 is an utility that is developed to repair PST files and extracts all the mail objects, such as messages, contacts, calendar-entries, journals, tasks, events, and similar features with much ease. All the data that gets restored through this software are stored in a new PST file on any network that can be detected by a host operating system. The tool is compatible with MS-Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and 2002.

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