Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creating Mail Backup in MS Outlook helped me in avoiding data loss

I understood the importance of creating regular Backup of mails when one day I faced the trouble which almost made me crazy. The problem was that I was not able to access my Outlook application which contained all my most important mails, meetings and contacts. Let me explain my case in more detail like what I faced and how I finally overcame it with the help of valuable a mail backup utility.

Like any other day, I started my laptop and opened Outlook. I started working as usual and suddenly I don't know what happened, Outlook stopped responding. I tried Outlook help and other troubleshooting tips but nothing helped me. Actually, as I am not a geek in all these software related issues and not very much aware of how to handle these so the only option with me was to discuss my problem with my colleague cum friend Tom who has better knowledge of Outlook than me.

After doing some analysis, Tom reached to the conclusion that the database file of Outlook, i.e. PST file has been corrupted. He instantly asked me whether I have the updated backup of the .pst file or not. As few days back, I purchased the Stellar Phoenix Mail Backup Software on the recommendation of my technical support person in my company to avoid data loss. I told Tom that I am using a backup software. He checked the software and told me that this is what he was looking for.

He checked the location of backup PST file. With the Outlook backup file, he imported all the data back to Outlook and now my Outlook is working completely fine. Tom appreciated me to have a reliable Outlook Mail backup software as it provides complete, incremental and differential backup thoroughly and various other features that a mail backup software must have . However, I thank to Stellar for developing such an useful and comprehensive software which also creates backup for Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail applications. This backup software really saved my valuable data at right time.

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